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2nd MVA
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The second MVA festival followed on its heels in 1996. It had grown to include a video exhibition, which was open to the public, as were the largely popular seminars conducted by industry leaders. The number of categories increased from 18 to 26, this time introducing three ASEAN awards, Best Editing; Best Director; Best Animation, with the support of the ASEAN Council. The Experimental Video Category sponsored by the National Art Gallery had been refined to include, Best Young Experimental Video (amateur) animation – open; Best Young Experimental Video (amateur) – below 18 years; Best Young Experimental Video (amateur) – above 18 years; and Best Experimental Video (Professional).

Malaysian Categories
Best TV Commercial
Best Director
Best Art Director
Best Set Designer/ Stylist
Best Scriptwriter
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Special Effects
Best Animation
Best 3D Animation
Best Graphics
Best Sound Effects/ Sound Design
Best Sponsorship Promo
Best TV Entertainment Programme
Best Documentary
Best Corporate/ Marketing Video
Best Music (Original Score)
Best Music Video
Best Home Page Design
Best Home Page Package
Best Experimental Video (Professional)
Best Young Experimental Video (Non-professional)
A) Open
B) 18 - 25 age Group
C) Below 18 age group
Best Young Experimental Video-Animation (non-professional) 18-25 age group

Best Editing (ASEAN)
Best Director (ASEAN)
Best Animation (ASEAN)

Award Categories of 2nd MVA
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What's Hot
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- Jobs Available
- Software Updates
- Hardware Updates

- Advertising Agency
- Art Galleries
- Film Screens
- Kids
- Music
- Post Production
- Production
- Stages
- Theatre
- Universities/ University

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