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3rd MVA
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The third MVA festival was considered an industry success, as members of The Association of Video Post-production & Animation companies Malaysia (POSTAM), Malaysian Association of Advertising Film Makers (MAAF), and Advertising producers Guild (AMPG) came together to celebrate the event from 25 to 30 May 1998. The festival included a video exhibition of award winning TV commercial and experimental films from Malaysian, ASEAN, Commonwealth countries and Europe. Alias Wavefront, Image 4D and Avid Technology were among internationally acclaimed companies in filmmaking (new technologies, software and techniques) that were part of the exhibition. Seminar facilitators included Thomas Stellmach, an Oscar winner, and Phil Hoffman a professor from Sheridian College, Canada. Growing ASEAN interest inevitably led to an introduction of an additional award, Best Cinematography (ASEAN) attracting many entries beyond Malaysian shores. Two other new categories introduced were Best Costume Design, Best Performance in a TV Commercial.
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