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Kuala Lumpur, November 28 th 2005- It has been 4 days since The 10 th Malaysian Video Awards officially launched its event. The attendance was overwhelming and tremendous response was towards it. Funded by voluntary contributions from the public and the industry, the MVA aims at creating awareness of the individual crafts involved in the film and video production industry and to encourage the industry in its development and pursuit of excellence. Finally, the film makers: the producers, directors, cinematographers, editors and technical draftpersons, will have the opportunity for their work to be judged by the professionals and be recognized for their talents and creative execution. The 6 winners for Experimental and Short Film Awards had been announced on 25 th November 2005.

For The Best Experimental Video (professional), the Gold award goes to "It's not everything, it's about anything" by Crystal Woo & Sidney Tan . It's a short film about Yee May who finds herself caught between two men and turns to unconventional means to solve her dilemma . The runner up was won by Oh My Goat by Shan while Convo by Yap Boon Leong grabbed the Bronze Award. Oh My Goat tells a story of a growing up goat. Convo is based on a true story where something happens on the eve of three graduates convocation and the three men learn the reality of the real working world.

For the Best Experimental Video (Animation) category, Woon Szu Pei and Kanji Mitani just had to grab 2 awards which are Project Dots for the Gold Award and Project Lines for the Bronze Award. Project Dots is an animation inspired by the painting "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" by great Impressionist painter Georges Seurat. The Silver Award goes to Anima by Darrel Chia.

For the Best Experimental Video (Amateur), the short film It's ok what's happening right now by Kajin Goh is as confusing as the title. You sit in a darkened room watching a viewfinder advance fragments of a conversation you forgot you had with your eyes last night. Memory fragments from the suburb of Damansara Jaya. Good composition, editing and storyline are among the reason for their winning. Next, the Silver Award falls to Memory by Colin Cheen and the second runner up goes to One Legged Nightingale by Lee See Teck.

For the Short Film: Drama/ fiction (open) category, the drama Tasting the Popsicle Once Again by Ang Yee Sien have touched the juries and audience heart, deserving them to win the Gold award. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind, an urban girl Xiao Jie runs away from home to a fishing village where she meets a village boy, Ah Ching. A friendship forms between them as new experiences await them both. The Silver Award goes to Flower by Liew Sing Tat and Bronze Award for Humdrum by Leong Kooi Hong.

For the Short Film: Documentary category, 18? by Lim Teng Kiang Won the Gold Award. Ever wondered what 18? is?This mysterious number is but one of a prominent crop of graffiti that has popped up around the streets of KL. The public gives their opinion on what it means and how they feel about it. Next, the Silver Awards was won by students from MMU, Wan Muhammad Tamlikha & Nadiah Hamzah   for their documentary on An Afternoon with the Hijjabed . Kampung Ulu Batu- The Living Jungle by Katherine Thong won the Bronze Award.

For the Short Animated Film (Open) category, Usamah Zaid received the Gold Award for Misi Mustahak. It is a story of 3 senior citizens, Mustapa, Norita and Sahak,
occupants in an old folk's home who embark on a secret mission to escape the confines of their bedroom. It's a humorous and cool 3D execution. Meanwhile, Cup of tea by Zhou Zheng won the Silver Award and Unmarked by Justin Foo won the Bronze Award.

The Art Installation Party and ASTRO ASEAN Awards Night will be held in Zouk on 1 st December 2005 . The art Installation Night is a collaboration of fine arts, electronic arts and music. The MVA, MFX and Insight Visuals will create video clips of various lengths and designs based on Jai's, Fairuz and Sidney's artworks to be featured. The performance is a live real- time visuals mix, VJ style in- sync with the Dj's music. The aim for this event is to feature 3 generations of local artists, in order to create a greater awareness to the new forms and methods of presenting art and culture within the scope of a mainstream venue. Something not to be missed!

The MVA Festival is also well known regionally as it has an ASTRO ASEAN Award Category.The MVA has been recognizing regional talents by giving awards for Best ASEAN TV/ Cinema Commercial, Best ASEAN Short Film & Best ASEAN Feature Film and a newly introduced award, the Best ASEAN Short Animated Film. It would be the best, conducive meeting place for industry professionals and aspiring filmmakers from Malaysia, ASEAN and other countries to meet and exchange ideas with one another. Please take note that entrance is free for everyone!   Be there or be square!       

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